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A five-storey building under construction in Ikeja, Lagos state collapsed on Sunday at around 4pm. The building, which collapsed around 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, trapped eight workers in which seven people were rescued by neighbors and co-workers on Sunday and one trapped in the rubbles of the collapsed building as at Monday morning.

The remaining trapped construction worker, Francis, was on Monday finally rescued from the rubble of the collapsed building at Adenubi Close, Ikeja, Lagos at around 3:40pm.

Speaking to one of the Engineers at the site, he said the collapse was due to structural deficiency. He said that the foundation of the building was faulty, noting that instead of using 20mm rods, the builders used rods of inferior quality.

“The irons they used are not the one expected for such an edifice. They cannot stand the weight of the building. They used 15mm rods and not 20mm that is expected of such a big building. As a rule, 15mm rods are supposed to be used when you reach second to third storey,” the building engineer said.

It is certain what caused the incident, although collapses such as these have in the past been blamed on poor building standards and low construction material quality. The building according to the neighbors said the five-storey building was built in a rush under 3 months which is another vital factor to why such buildings collapse.

The frequent use of substandard materials and violation of building regulations mean building collapses are relatively common in Nigeria. Building collapses are not unheard of in Nigeria: In 2006, 28 died after a building, with a restaurant and shops, collapsed in Lagos. In July of last year, three people were killed when another four-storey building came down in Abuja, the capital of the country.

On hand to rescue Francis, the trapped worker, were officials of Lagos State Emergency Management Agency; its federal counterpart, National Emergency Management Agency; Lagos State Ambulance Service; Lagos State Physical Planning and Urban Development Authority; Police; and fire service among others.

It was reported that the trapped worker was communicating with them with a Delser process, a search and rescue device which identifies the location of the trapped victim.

Speaking to a security officer of Human Edge Limited, an organization on the same street by the name Stanley, who was there when the incident happened on Sunday, said “when I heard the loud noise, I thought it was another bomb explosion. But after some minutes, along with my colleague on duty yesterday we ran to the direction of the building and discovered that it had collapsed. “It happened on Sunday when workers are usually not at the site to work, and so not many people were in danger”, he added.


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